"Keepin' It Evil" Comedy Special
Rev. Mitcz Keepin' It Evil Comedy Album

My debut comedy album is now available as digital download from a variety of sources. You can even stream the bitch free on Spotify.

Rev. Mitcz Keepin' It Evil DVD

You can also buy the DVD of the full 1hr performance, which includes over 2 hours of special features! And I'll send you the MP3s FREE with purchase. Sweet deal, right?

Latest Blog Entry

Hopefully, the intense caching system in place to keep this site running at peak efficiency has cleared out and loaded the NEW RevMitcz.com for ya. If not.. well, they say it could take up to 24 hours to clear everything out. So, you’ll see it soon. I think.

Anyway, here’s a brief primer on the new shit, since I like to geek out on such things.

  • New Quotes

    On many older versions of my site, I was pulling in little “quotes” people had said (or written) about me. I got tired of those after all these years, so now I’m just loading in quotes and random quips and little “facts about Mitcz” in there. It’s a little more fun, I think.

  • Live Sidebar

    I wrote a series of scripts and functions for pulling in Tweets and recent Instagram photos, which show up there in the sidebar. Since I’m doing it locally and caching the results, they should load really fast and never be more than 5 minutes out of date.

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