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Rev. Mitcz : Keepin' It Evil

Rev. Mitcz's debut comedy special now available on DVD and MP3


About the DVD

Experience the full, uncut, uncensored 54-minute performance of "Keepin' It Evil" in all its glory on DVD. In addition to the special features listed, your DVD purchase comes with a FREE download* of the full 18-track album in MP3 format (192kbps/44khz quality - No DRM).

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Special Features

  • "Makin' It Evil" Documentary
  • Pre-Show Interviews with audience members
  • Behind the Scenes footage
  • Rev. Mitcz's first stand-up comedy performance
  • Selected clips from never-before-seen performances
  • MP3 Version included on disc (as DVD-rom content)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Surprises!

The MP3 Version

About the Recording

Available immediately and download at checkout - the full performance as 18 separate MP3 tracks (contained in a single .zip file).

Presented as DRM-Free 192kbps/44khz audio, mixed from the soundboard and a separate audience mic.

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Track Listing

  1. Ready?
  2. If I Were God... (Elastic Holes)
  3. Catnip, Strippers, Dominatrices
  4. Living Alone, Obsessive Thoughts
  5. Bad Memory
  6. Piercings
  7. My Dad on Piercings & Alice Cooper
  8. Gwar
  9. Why I'm Going to Hell
  1. Funny Things About My Mom Dying
  2. Being Sexy
  3. Handjobs & Blowjobs
  4. Women Are The Devil
  5. The Gays
  6. Republicans
  7. Hippies
  8. Keep Comedy Evil
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