I fucking loved it. I thought it was his best show yet – because it showed him being more comfortable with concepts instead of bits.

What it reminded me of is Bill Cosby’s “Himself”. Makes me think he recently went back and re-watched that special. And thought “yeah.. I like that vibe. I wanna try that vibe for awhile”. Maybe not literally – but he at least had a similar mindset, that his audience was attentive enough to handle it and he was comfortable enough to explore it. It seems to be no accident that he’s mentioned “Himself” a few times in recent interviews.

When you’re a younger comic, you have to think in 10 minute increments (or less). At the level Louis is at, he does 30+ minutes as a drop-in set at the Improv, and performs 60+ minutes at huge theatres several times a month.

If you took any one of those chunks out of this special and threw it into a standard 8-10 minute act, it would fall flat without context of the person performing it and the material that surrounded it.  [ … ]


One of my favorite bloggers and cartoonists (Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame) once asked “how the fuck do you explain the popularity of horror movies?“. I sat on this article for awhile, and realized I never finished it, so I’m doing that now. I will not only answer his question, but give some pretty elaborate examples behind my reasoning. I realize this is better as a Halloween post and not a damn-near-the-holidays post, but to hell with conventions.

As I see it, the love for horror movies boils down to one or more of the following :

  1. We love/relate to the hero(es)
  2. We love/relate to the villain(s)
  3. We just want a demented laugh
  4. We just want a good scare
  5. We like being fucked with

Breaking that down, I’ll explain each reason and give examples where it’s been done well.

We love/relate to the main character(s)

I originally wanted to say “protagonist(s)” instead of “hero(es)”, but the “heroes” are rarely protagonists in horror films (and, frankly, rarely heroic – but let’s just go with it).  [ … ]


If you didn’t already know, I’ve posted my 30-minute backstage interview with Skinny Puppy right over here, so watch it at your leisure and spread it like wildfire.

A few people have asked for details on how it came to be, “what they’re really like”, and a number of other assorted details. To that end, I’m going to try and explain it here.  [ … ]


This will be quick.

What you need to do is find yourself a local indie theatre, that plays smaller, hard-to-find indie films. Check if they’re playing “Shortbus”. You can do a search in your area for the movie from this search on MovieTickets.com. Thankfully, I have the Laemmle Sunset 5 down the street, and was able to catch it.  [ … ]

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